Gasholder #8 Kings Cross: A carboniferous park for a post-carbon city

I was involved in this architecture competition a couple of years ago through my friend Leonora. I didnt have this blog at the time but just thought to post it now. The competition was to design a multi-use park around a Grade II listed Victorian Gasholder next to Kings Cross station in London. It is part of the massive re-development of Kings Cross
The gasholder structure is one of the first ever built and our idea was to remind visitors of energy past and future in London, one of the worlds first industrial cities. The park surrounding it was to resemble a carboniferous landscape which formed the gas that the gasholder contained and would be planted with carboniferous-era vegetation; ferns, monkey puzzles and cycad palms. The design also featured solar panels and wind turbines and through engraved paving slabs visually tells the story of the carbon and energy. A huge movable canopy covers the area for indoor events. I did some visualisations and presentation design and was going to design the paving features. We didnt win 🙁 There was more than 100 other entries and the overall winning design was by Bell Phillips
Our team were Leonora Oppenheim, Anna Maria Orru, Nick Hancock, Jacek Grabowski, Luke Engleback, Roger Cooper and Fergus McCormick and Laurie Abbott


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