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9.10.11 November
ting a New World: Re-inventing a Visual Language

“Art is the lie that tells the truth.” — Picasso

Like language itself, visual language must adhere to its own internal rules. The more fantastic the better but how far can they be pushed without breaking? Whether in picturebooks, animation or illustration, characters and the worlds they inhabit must follow their own rules. The brain is wired to extract complex causes and narrative from very small, simple visual clues as long as they adhere to their own logic. A character may be a simple square and nothing more but it may tell a story more engagingly and entertainingly than if it were a full character. In this workshop we will choose a folk story and a way to re-tell it with a new visual language, one that can tell the story in an inventive new way.
Where: Books Import via Maiocchi 11, Milan | T 02 29400478

When: 9-10-11 Nov | Friday, 18:30-21:30 | Sat & Sun: 10:00-18:00
How much: € 300
Who: for details contact debbiebibo(at) 
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