Ivor Cutler and clowning in Walker Books

Im a big fan of the late scottish poet and comedian Ivor Cutler. I had read an interview with David Shrigley ages ago and he mentioned him as his biggest influence and since managed to get hold of some of his amazing recordings… he has a wonderful surreal and skewed view of the world. This BBC4 documentary is really really worth watching if you dont know his work..

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmEARHNmsZg?wmode=transparent]


I was absolutely in AWE when my editors Deirdre and Lucy mentioned they worked together with him at Walker. I didnt even know he had done books… they were big fans of his and david lloyd who i work with now  was his publisher and editor. WOW! Apparently Ivor had a thing for printing his own stickers and then sticking them all over the office, this is david’s old typewriter…
I also discovered at Walker recently that not only has my old editor Lucy studied as a clown (amongst many other fascinating things) but that my new editor David worked for 12 years as a clown and successfully taught a goose how to dance (!)
What a magical place Walker books is….!
this is david, maria and deirdre (taking the photo) and me editing our new book ‘dont worry, i have a plan’ recently..


I will be sure to keep you up to date with any new stories i hear from the office. In the meantime you can follow them on twitter. they meet very interesting people and eat a lot of cake
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