Post-carbon future

22 October, 2010 |  by

I have been asked by the excellent New Internationalist magazine to create a two page spread to show how our post carbon cities may look.
Together myself and Jess have come up with some ideas of how it could look, but we thought it would be great to see if others can add ideas to this. If you have any ideas yourself please add to the comments below or retweet/fwd to friends who may have suggestions. I only have till monday to finish (!) but hopefully we can gather some ideas. Thanks!


what we have so far…..

1 quiet revolution urban wind generators

2 BedZED style zero carbon housing

3 Urban allotments

4 Chicken. the post-carbon pet! (above the chicken is a roof clad with solar panels)

5 Carless roads. Cycle track/tram/pedestrianised with local markets

6 Public transport. elevated trains/trams/underground system


This is the final image





  1. Rainwater harvesting system?

  2. this sprung into my head as I read

  3. thanks guys…!final image is above.

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