Prix P’tits Mômes Geneva


A Bit Lost (Un Peu Perdu) has just won the Prix P’tits Mômes in Geneva! As part of the prize i was invited to come to Geneva and to give a presentation to children at the Pomenade des Bastions. There were really lovely events organised by the city of Geneva for very young children and it was a huge honour to have been part of it.Everything there was just beautifully put together, the poster for the festival was designed by one of my favourite picture book artists Madelena Matosa (Planeta Tangerina), a stunning exhibition for children at the main city library by Haydé and there were events including beautiful readings by all the nominated books by professional performers. even the programme is beautiful, take a look here
The 4 other nominated books are here, one of the other books, Cours! was from the same publisher as mine, Borim press in Korea. In fact my book was very lucky to have got onto the shortlist, it only made it because another publisher had to drop out but then the final four were were voted on by the children in a little ballot box all the libraries, so its a special honour to have received it from the children themselves.
There is an article about the prize here

Thank you to everyone who showed me around Geneva for the 2 days especially to Olivia, Damien and Davide. An amazing two days. Merci!

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Nationale Voorleesdagen


Im in shock at all the events in Holland! The dutch version of A Bit Lost, ‘Mama Kwijt’ won the Dutch Picture Book of the Year 2012 and as part of the Voorleesdagen (read aloud week) there are many amazing events across the country. It was awarded by CPNB, a read-for-fun/literacy non-profit equivalent to Booktrust or CBI. Each year they choose a book for its read-aloud qualities and on the 18th Jan they celebrated by hosting ‘reading breakfasts’ (complete with pancakes!) in libraries and schools across the country. Its the 9th year of this award you can read more about it here Im so proud of the book’s success in holland as im a huge fan of dutch design and dutch picture books



Many celebrities were pictured taking part for the press including Princess Laurentien from the Dutch royal family and prime minister Mark Rutte (!) In the last photo there is even a real owl at the school!!!!


There was even a reading at Schipol Airport Library


There are puppet performances too. The second to last performance was by Ton Meijer in the oba library (the little girl in the picture is pretending she is a sleepy owl about to fall) and the last was by Pagetti jeungdtheatre

It was interesting to see how the story was adapted to performances and to see how each adapts it differently. One of the performances is of Oma Kwijt (I lost my granny!)


theres even a Mama Kwijt song…(!!!)


I did some press events too, on thursday 19th I opened the amsterdam stock market!!!!!! i had drawn ‘99%’ on my t-shirt in black marker and unzipped my hoodie right before i gonged (!) 🙂




At the moment Mama Kwijt is the best selling BOOK in the Netherlands #1 in the book chart (!!!) and also no.12 as there are 2 versions. The bookshops also got involved and there are amazing shop window displays as well as little hand-puppets and bags. 60,000 finger puppets were made by CPNB to be given away free with the books, we really tried to have the finger puppets made fair trade (thank you CPNB) but the cost and timescale sadly could not work out. Then 7 bookshops emailed me and clubbed together to make an order of the fair trade owls too..! Thank you to all the bookshops who supported this!! You can see some of them on sale below…




This last few days in holland has been INCREDIBLE! im in total shock. To have my book at the centre of such wonderful events promoting literacy and reading for fun in public access libraries is all i could have ever wished for, i cant tell you how honoured i am. I was amazed by the thought, care and humour that went into these events and the quality of the other beautiful children’s books and events that I saw. The time and resources that go towards childrens events seem incredible to me, the Dutch certainly seem to be really focused on all the the good things. I have met amazing people in the last few days. Thanks to so much to everyone involved in this amazing project, in all the libraries, Gottmer and CPNB. Hartelijk bedankt!!

Cambridgeshire Picture book of the year 2011

A Bit Lost won the Cambridgeshire READ IT AGAIN! Picture book of the year 2011!!!
It was voted by the children so Im particularly happy to get this award. Over 6,000 children read and voted for their favourite picture books. Im told the voting was very tight and A Bit Lost was up against some tough competition.. see the wonderful books that were also nominated here Thanks to everyone involved in this great event. It was organised by Richard Young and involved dozens of the libraries and schools all across Cambridgeshire. A really great idea to get children reading for fun and to give exposure to debut authors.
This is actually the 7th award A Bit Lost has now won in 4 countries (!!!) I just cant believe the response owl has had. The other awards are listed here
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Marion Vannett Ridgway Award

Little Owl Lost has just won the first prize in the Marion Vannett Ridgway Award in the US! The Ridgway award is given in honour of the artist’s representative Marion Vannett Ridgway and is awarded to debut illustrators and authors.

Im so proud that owl has been recognised especially as widely as it has in so many countries. I really never expected anything like this. Thank You!!!!
Visit their website here to see the past winners.. theres some really amazing books in there, wonder bear in particular is one of my favourite books of recent years. 
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Bisto Children’s Book of the Year 2011

A Bit Lost just won the Bisto Childrens Book of the Year yesterday AND the Eil??s Dillon Award for the best debut book. Its actually the first time in the history of the award that the same book has won both! Totally unbelievable!! (!!!!!)

as you can see from the video here… im totally speechless!!!! oops
What i meant to say is that im v v grateful to Borim Press and to Walker Books. Thank YOU!!!
Also i was on the TV this morning on TVAM here
On thursday 19th im going to do an event in EASONS at 6pm details here


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Booktrust Best New Illustrators Award

I have been nominated as one of Booktrust’s 10 ‘Best New Illustrators’!!!!

There is some really really amazing illustrators on the list and i’m extremely proud to be in there. Take a look at the site at all the amazing work …Salvatore Rubino / Sara Ogilvie / Kevin Waldron/ Levi Pinfold… some really amazing books. Really gutted i wasnt at the award ceremony. Im here in Nepal … currently looking for electricity.
Also take a look at the excellent Guardian audio slideshow of Children’s Laureate Antony Browne who was one of the judges of the award. (my images are fuzzy though!!! argh!!)
Image by Claudia Bolt


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