Prix P’tits Mômes Geneva


A Bit Lost (Un Peu Perdu) has just won the Prix P’tits Mômes in Geneva! As part of the prize i was invited to come to Geneva and to give a presentation to children at the Pomenade des Bastions. There were really lovely events organised by the city of Geneva for very young children and it was a huge honour to have been part of it.Everything there was just beautifully put together, the poster for the festival was designed by one of my favourite picture book artists Madelena Matosa (Planeta Tangerina), a stunning exhibition for children at the main city library by Haydé and there were events including beautiful readings by all the nominated books by professional performers. even the programme is beautiful, take a look here
The 4 other nominated books are here, one of the other books, Cours! was from the same publisher as mine, Borim press in Korea. In fact my book was very lucky to have got onto the shortlist, it only made it because another publisher had to drop out but then the final four were were voted on by the children in a little ballot box all the libraries, so its a special honour to have received it from the children themselves.
There is an article about the prize here

Thank you to everyone who showed me around Geneva for the 2 days especially to Olivia, Damien and Davide. An amazing two days. Merci!

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A Bit Lost: Worksheets

I was just sent these great worksheets by my lovely spanish publishers. Please feel free to print out and use. The animals are all on A4 but the forest scene can be printed at any size.
To download them all as a zipped file click  HERE



A Bit Lost: facebook page

I have recently been sent lots of lovely things via my facebook page
This is from Siena’s first birthday party in the US. Its been made from pretzels, chocolate, marzipan and COOKIES!!! yummy! 
This is Tallulah’s first birthday cake. Tallulah says “uh-oh” when she sees an owl. high five Tallulah! 🙂 happy birthday!!
Un Peu Perdu being read in French. Thanks to the very nice Librarie M’lire in Laval.
watch it HERE >>
This a hand-made puppet show in Korean!!!!!  eggi puongee!! is that tree made from toilet rolls or the end of a hoover? 🙂
if you would like to keep up to date with owl-cakes and owl-biscuits
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Cambridgeshire Picture book of the year 2011

A Bit Lost won the Cambridgeshire READ IT AGAIN! Picture book of the year 2011!!!
It was voted by the children so Im particularly happy to get this award. Over 6,000 children read and voted for their favourite picture books. Im told the voting was very tight and A Bit Lost was up against some tough competition.. see the wonderful books that were also nominated here Thanks to everyone involved in this great event. It was organised by Richard Young and involved dozens of the libraries and schools all across Cambridgeshire. A really great idea to get children reading for fun and to give exposure to debut authors.
This is actually the 7th award A Bit Lost has now won in 4 countries (!!!) I just cant believe the response owl has had. The other awards are listed here
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Paris Book Fair: Thierry Magnier

Have a look out for Thierry Magnier’s stand in the Paris Book Fair: 18-21 March. I adapted the last spread of ‘Un Peu Perdu’ as a 6 metre banner! wow!
Sadly I cant make it over as Ill still be in Nepal. Im very proud to be published with Thierry Magnier. I thought their stand and range of books was one of the most eye catching and inspiring in the whole of the Bologna Fair, so i am really extremely proud to be included in their stand this year in Paris.
Also I’d like to thank them very much for buying my fair trade owl toys from Mahaguthi. They were the first publisher to do this. Im really happy they were so excited about this project, i hope we can do more with this!
Check out Thierry Magnier’s website. They publish some of my favourite illustrators and books…. some really stunning work in there. univers > petite enfance is especially good
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