A Bit Lost: Worksheets

I was just sent these great worksheets by my lovely spanish publishers. Please feel free to print out and use. The animals are all on A4 but the forest scene can be printed at any size.
To download them all as a zipped file click  HERE



South Ken Kids Festival

Im very very excited about the South Ken Kids festival next month.
The line-up is really AMAZING… have a look… quentin blake / marc boutavant / kitty crowther 
the entire list is really amazing, ive really never seen such an exciting line-up like that before and im very honoured to be alongside those names


I will be doing 3 different events. see my events page here. It includes a DRAWING DUEL with Joëlle Jolivet …. Im not exactly sure what is involved but im sharpening all my best pencils in preparation (owl is sharpening his beak just in case it gets nasty)


The full programme can be viewed from here


PS if you look on the website you might see a stray owl has accidentally fallen in there. we are very sorry about that. myself and owl are working on our professionalism over the next month to make sure this wont happen again.




We also did some school workshops and invented our own little stories
In the original early version of the story owl bumps into animals on the way down when he falls from the nest. So, in the workshops we invented some things that could happen to owl on his fall. Here he bumps into birds/down chimneys and into the mouth of a crocodile! Fold a page in half and do a before and after fall!
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Glass Owls and Blue Manatees

I just got sent these images from Blue Manatee Childrens bookstore in Ohio. They have made these amazing owls based on Little Owl Lost in Brazee St Studios  see more images on their facebook page here
They read the book and then made their own owl from fired glass. Apparently other glass studios are also doing the same project including one in Texas(!) …amazing!! So inspiring to see these amazing art projects. Thank you so much to everyone at Blue Manatee. 

Kathmandu University Illustration Workshop

These are some of the images from the illustrators at my workshop at Kathmandu University. We combined images from Nepali folk stories and legends with other images to create new ways of telling the stories. Thanks very much to all the students at KU. The standard of work was really very high.

You can read more about it here

the images below are by (top to bottom) Sadhana Poudel, Aditya and Kanchan Burathoki

read the photo.circle post about it here 





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