Driving around London in a tank… DSEI


‘Out of the 26 countries that the UK has highlighted as ‘countries of concern’ for human rights, we sell arms to 16 of them’

DSEI the worlds largest arms fair is on again in London from the 13th sept and i thought i should post about this from a few years ago. I designed this poster/flyer 4 years ago for an anti-DSEI demo.

CLICK the image to read… The facts are REALLY shocking. 

As part of the protests, the group the Space Hijackers drove a tank through london. They raised money to buy the tank through selling t-shirts and in fact raised so much money they could buy a tank and hire another one. 
Much to the police’s disbelief the vehicles were then insured, taxed and legally road worthy.
Heres some photos:
The tank drew a lot of by-standers…. this fellow was a truck driver who stored his truck close to where the tank was being stored. He was curious and was asking us what it was about. The next thing we knew a police van tried to cut off the path of the tank as it left the compound and before anyone had time to react the TRUCKER GUY JUMPED UNDER THE POLICE VAN !!! he was just a bystander!?! HILARIOUS!!!
I made some videos here and here… also watch this report from the BBC 
The space hijackers have been using the tank for other stunts. Eleven of them got arrested at the G20 protests in London for driving it around Bank
There is a protest against DSEI on the 13th of Sept details are here.The UK sells more weapons abroad than any other country (except US)
Join the Campaign against the arms trade
sign this petition to stop Britain arming the world.
The official DSEI website is here 
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