Interview with Big Magazine (Russia) 2010

Since when you doing illustrations? How it has started?

I have been illustrating since 2000. Full time since 2005.
I started doing small spot illustrations in a small Irish fashion magazine.
I began to get work in other magazines and then some advertising work in advertising agencies.
I moved to Hong Kong in 2002 and managed to get some work there also.



What do you like in your profession?
I like the variety, i am lucky in that i have got to work on a good spectrum of things. animation, product designs, childrens books that sort of variety makes it really interesting.
Also I like not having to work in an office! I have tried that a couple of times and it didn’t agree with me ….actually i couldn’t get any work done!!!


Your works are selling well, isn’t it?

Yes its going great. It slowed down for a bit last year but i think everything did.


How would you define your style of illustration?

Its sort of hand-drawn but digital. 


Do you stick to exact format or do you think of some experiments?

I try and take the time every so often to do my own work and ideas. Its really useful because i always get some new ideas and then i can use those ideas back in my commissioned work. It more than pays off to do it. I should do it more often, the problem is i have to force myself to do it as there are no deadlines.


Please, tell us about your most interesting project?

Probably the project im most proud of is my involvement with the fair trade company People Tree.
They work with artists and craftspeople from all over the developing world and help them access a world market.
I am involved in helping out with some designs. The work they do is fantastic and they make really beautiful products…


Would you like to illustrate some children book? What do you think it should be about?

I did a book last year in Korean, i actually wrote it as well, but its a very simple story, its for 3 year olds. Its coming out in English and a few other languages in August. Its about a lost owl.


Where do you get your inspiration?

I like a lot of folk art, especially asian folk art. 


What you will never do, ever?

I wouldnt do advertising for companies that are doing things that I dont agree with.  


What are your future plans? Any new streams? Projects?

Im working on two new children’s books.
One is about a bad dog (its for 3 year olds) and the other is a non-fiction. It takes an unusual view on the history of development, its going to take forever though.


What do you think you do better than anyone in the universe?

Copy and paste!!!!


Without what you could not live?

My laptop. and the internet.


Imagine yourself as movie director. What this movie would be about?

I’d love to do a  sort of animated-info-graphic documentary. My favourite director is probably Adam Curtis, you can see most of his films on Google video. He takes a really interesting take on familiar subjects. They’re all great. I’ll do the animated version for kids.

What colour would you choose to paint your life?

off-green has been going into all my pictures recently. I go through phases with colours. It was orange before that


What makes your heart work faster?



What distinguishes creative person from others?

I think creativity can be applied to any subject really, anyone who tries to do things a bit differently. I think art and design has sort of hijacked the word. Economists or mathematicians or anyone can be just as creative as artists or designers ..and artists and designers can often be uncreative in their approach.
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