Kumbeshwar Technical School Carpets

Through People Tree I was introduced to the really excellent Kumbeshwar Technical School I posted about them a little earlier here. Like Mahaguthi they support and train lower caste women and also men. They also support a large school of 260 and an orphanage of 19 children. I have been having exhibitions of my digital illustration work from time to time, i have been converting the files to screens and screen printing them or simply printing them digitally.
I saw the opportunity to collaborate with KTS. They make these amazing natural hand-spun Tibetan wool carpets. The carpet making process is quite similar to the pixel make up of digital images so as many of my images are quite flat with few colours so I had the idea of producing some of my designs as carpets. Together with Satyendra and the design team we found a way to covert digital images directly to carpet graphs which will hopefully make the design process a little easier.
Im really excited about the possibilites with designing carpets though, could be great.
I have just set up a new website for these carpets
to view and order please take a look at
Technical training for the adults. KTS have a facility to produce knitware, carpets and also furniture, and they provide training to their workers
From their profits they also fund a school of 260…
…and an orphanage of 19 children
The first test grid i made digitally (i managed to mess up and specify C31 (beige) instead of C30 (black)…. Chris you idiot!!!! 
it worked ok though!
some details in production
and some designs ……more to come
I will post more about this soon when the first batch of carpets comes through.
If you want to order or enquire about a carpet please mail me …..chris (at) vegetablefriedrice (dot) com
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