Mama Kwijt wins Dutch Picturebook of the year!! (Prentenboek van het Jaar)

Amazing news!!!!! in fact… its just totally unbelievable!!

Mama Kwijt won the Dutch Picture Book of the year Award!!!
im really in shock at all this.
You can see it announced on their website here
Its a particular honour because im a very big fan of Dutch design, in fact I was inspired to make this book by the exhibition by Dick Bruna i saw in the Museum of Childhood in 2007. It was perhaps the main thing that made me decide to finally get more organised and try to do a picture book myself. He had a nice story about how he came up with Miffy on a rainy beach holiday. If you havent seen Dick Bruna’s earlier work before Miffy take a look here or here. Its AMAZING. beautiful simple shapes and colour… really really amazing stuff.
Thank you very very much!!!
Dank Je!
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